7. Trouble shooting

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7.1. Recorder does not start (with R200 cameras)

The camera may not be recognized by the PC. Re-check the connection of the camera according to Chapter 2. If the problem persists, check whether the camera is listed in the “Device manager” (Fig 7-1).


[Fig 7-1]

If the camera is not listed, make sure that “USB selective suspend” is disabled (https://www.techsupportalert.com/content/how-fix-annoying-windows-usb-problem.htm). If the camera is listed but the problem persists, uninstall the device of RGB camera and re-install it by clicking “scan for hardware changes” icon (Fig 7-2). It has been reported that a RGB camera driver error happens after “Windows 10 Creators Update”, and the steps above fix the problem. (https://github.com/IntelRealSense/librealsense/issues/481).


[Fig 7-2]

7.2. Calibration does not work well

We suggest trying the following:

  • Change the infrared (IR) gain of the R200. If the camera is too close to the surface recorded or number of cameras is big, the IR reflection become too strong saturating the IR sensor. The data in the saturated part will be lost, interfering the pointer tracking during the calibration. Reduce “IR camera gain” in “Camera setting window” to avoid the saturation (Fig 7-3; see also Appendix for the camera mechanism).

[Fig 7-3]

  • Check the area to scan with the pointer. Show “Camera monitor window” and make sure the pointer is always inside the view of all the cameras, and the distance between pointer and cameras is always more than 40 cm (R200 sensor can’t detect a depth < 40 cm). Also make sure the pointer light is not strongly reflected by the floor or other objects.
  • Change the room illumination and filters for the pointer detection. Adjusting the “Color filter”, “Outlier removal”, and room illumination will improve the quality of the pointer tracking.

7.3. Object or animals are not captured

7.4. Dropping frames during recording

Before you buy a faster PC, try the following: